Mastering RAI 2.0 Administrator Version

Mastering RAI 2.0 Administrator Version is a web-based educational program for administrators in organizations using the RAI 2.0. This program gives administrators the opportunity to gain an advanced understanding of the management applications of the RAI 2.0 through presentations related to evidence-informed decision-making, resource allocation, quality improvement, accountability, governance, benchmarking and statistical concepts. Its self-paced learning sections, and printable resources provide a convenient, current summary of the use of the RAI 2.0 data to inform management decision making. The software includes video interviews with experts in interRAI Assessment development and implementation.


Administrators interested in learning more about the RAI 2.0 will be able to easily locate, navigate, interact with, and even export specific content for use in presentations. You can access the wealth of learning resources in the RAI 2.0 Administrator through:

  • Help tutorials introduce that navigation features, form overview and more
  • Quick access to any section in the program through an expandable Content Menu
  • A comprehensive Table of Contents with embedded links
  • A searchable Content Index for direct access to all content
  • Over 20 video interviews covering a range of topics related to the RAI 2.0
  • Linked indexes to groups of content within each section
  • A glossary of terms relating to the RAI 2.0 that includes inline definitions throughout the program
  • Printable documents related to the clinical application of the RAI 2.0
  • Content Export allows content to be integrated into educator presentations

To Purchase

Mastering RAI 2.0 Administrator Version is distributed by Relias. To access a product demo, or to inquire about licensing, please visit