Mastering interRAI LTCF Australia / New Zealand

Mastering interRAI LTCF (Australia / New Zealand) is a web-based educational program that provides an engaging and interactive learning experience, incorporating expert subject matter knowledge, modern instructional design theory, and leading edge media technologies. This program helps long-term care professionals to understand interRAI terminology and procedures involved in completing the interRAI LTCF (AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND) Assessment. Clinicians can practice the assessment approach and evaluate their skills through an interactive real life case study of a long-term care resident. Self-evaluations at the end of most sections provide feedback on the topics needing review.

Mastering interRAI LTCF (Australia / New Zealand) also provides detailed information about how Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) are triggered and how they are central to care planning. Learn about the use of CAPs and outcome measures in the care planning process, along with other applications of the assessment information you collect. Animations, videos, graphics and text with narration will enrich your knowledge about applications of the assessment information. The key e-learning components include: Outcome Measures, Resource Utilization Groups (RUG-III), and Quality Indicators.

In addition, Mastering interRAI LTCF (Australia / New Zealand) provides clinical educators with printouts, discussion questions, key messages, and performance expectations for new learners. The software includes video interviews with experts in interRAI Assessment development, implementation and clinical application.


Whether you are a new or expert user of the interRAI LTCF you will easily locate, navigate, interact with, and even export specific content for your own presentations. You can access the wealth of learning resources in the interRAI LTCF Clinical through:

  • Help tutorials introduce navigation features, form overview and more
  • Interactive case study (narrated and text based) used to complete the interRAI LTCF form with expert assistance
  • Quick access to any section in the program through an expanding Content Menu
  • A comprehensive Table of Contents with embedded links
  • A searchable Content Index for direct access to all content
  • Over 20 video interviews covering a range of topics related to the interRAI LTCF
  • Linked indexes to groups of content within each section
  • A Glossary of terms relating to the interRAI LTCF that includes inline definitions throughout the program
  • Tabbed content for navigating between related content — for example, intent, definition, process, and coding for each form item
  • Printable documents related to the clinical application of the interRAI LTCF
  • Content Export allows content to be integrated into educator presentations

To Purchase

Mastering interRAI LTCF (Australia / New Zealand) is distributed by Relias. To access a product demo, or to inquire about licensing, please visit